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Best Book 2005 Award Winner!

"Breakdown is a modern day Dante's Inferno--a riveting spiritual and intellectual journey."
- Will McCaughey, former Editor-in-Chief, Vatican Radio


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“iUniverse turned my Breakdown into a breakthrough.”
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TWN Online.org - 08/04/2005
A second chance on life by Joe Perez
Greg DiStefano spent a decade bumping up against the famous and the infamous in the glamorous New York gay nightclub and drug scenes. Then all that came crashing down around him. In his memoir, “Breakdown: Diamonds, Death, and Second Chances” (iUniverse, 2005; breakdownbook.com), Greg tells his story of death and resurrection.




Diamonds, Death, and
Second Chances
Gregory John DiStefano

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Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-595-34292-2

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