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Best Book 2005 Award Winner!

"Breakdown is a modern day Dante's Inferno--a riveting spiritual and intellectual journey."
- Will McCaughey, former Editor-in-Chief, Vatican Radio


Diamonds, Death, and Second Chances
A True Story

Greg DiStefano has spent a decade on the fringes of the limelight, brushing up against the famous and the infamous in the shadowy underbelly of New York’s nightclub scene. By all outward appearances it looks promising—the globetrotting job, backstage access at premiere entertainment and fashion award shows, the best restaurants, theater, and designer clothes, and decadent nights at the world’s best nightclubs.

On the verge of his own career breakthrough, Greg encounters the prophetic Spiros and his destiny is revealed, forcing him to reexamine his perception of reality. Propelled by a string of serendipitous events reminiscent of The Celestine Prophesy, the duo embarks on a globe-spanning quest for truth, interacting with a series of seers, sages, spiritual masters, and other colorful characters along the way. Upon return—troubled by America’s soulless culture, internal conflicts, and the meaninglessness of his star-studded PR job for the diamond giant, De Beers—Greg breaks down. Stripped of everything that defines his identity, only a terrifying leap into the unknown can save him.

Through dizzying celebrity heights and depths of self-deprecation, soaring Himalayan peaks and the despair of addiction, Breakdown explores the critical flaw in Western thought while burrowing toward the meaning and purpose of existence. While blending elements of religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and sexuality into popular language, this coming-of-age journey provides hope and an opportunity for transformation.

Breakdown . . . find yourself

Diamonds, Death, and
Second Chances
Gregory John DiStefano

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Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-595-34292-2

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