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Best Book 2005 Award Winner!

"Breakdown is a modern day Dante's Inferno--a riveting spiritual and intellectual journey."
- Will McCaughey, former Editor-in-Chief, Vatican Radio

Breakdown: Diamonds, Death, and Second Chance
Part I Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
Chapter 1 Revelation in the Garden of Gomorra
Chapter 2 A Glimpse behind the Veil
Chapter 3 New Worlds Awaken
Chapter 4 American Dream Family
Chapter 5 The Snake Pit
Chapter 6 A Test of Faith
Part II Along the Yellow Brick Road
Chapter 7 Search for the Holy Grail
Chapter 8 The Dark Ages
Chapter 9 A Daliesque Encounter
Chapter 10 Face to Face
Chapter 11 A New Dispensation
Chapter 12 Science of the Soul
Part III Long Night’s Journey into Day
Chapter 13 Land of the Living Dead
Chapter 14 Return to Darwin’s Crucible
Chapter 15 Seduced by the Fruit
Chapter 16 Dizzying Heights of Denial
Chapter 17 A Fallen Angel
Part IV Out from the Chrysalis
Chapter 18 Up From the Ashes
Chapter 19 A Student Is Ready
Chapter 20 Mission Clarified
Epilogue New Beginnings
Questions for reflection and discussion
Bibliographical Reading List
Diamonds, Death, and
Second Chances
Gregory John DiStefano

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Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-595-34292-2

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