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Best Book 2005 Award Winner!

"Breakdown is a modern day Dante's Inferno--a riveting spiritual and intellectual journey."
- Will McCaughey, former Editor-in-Chief, Vatican Radio

Hello, and welcome to Breakdown -- a journey into the mysteries of life that will expand your perception of reality.

Breakdown is an inspiring, true-life adventure story of a young man’s coming-of-age amidst the celebrity, drug, and club culture of New York City. Join Greg DiStefano in his travels— from backstage at the world’s ultimate celebrity award shows, to the Middle East and India, as he speaks with a self-proclaimed avatar. Then, take a plunge into the depths of drug addiction before escaping through a trap door into an awakening of consciousness and a glimpse into the heights of human potential.

Breakdown leaves no stone unturned in its quest for the meaning and possibilities of life—a roller coaster ride toward mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.
Breakdown . . . find yourself .

I consider myself a truth-seeker, spiritual explorer, and integral philosophy enthusiast. A back-packing adventure around the globe at the age of 30 not only shattered my worldview, but ignited a mystical journey within where truth is even stranger and more fantastic than fiction. I invite you to join me on a trip down the rabbit hole into other realms of possibilities . . . Read More >>

Greg DiStefano
has spent a decade on the fringes of the limelight, brushing up against the famous and the infamous in the shadowy underbelly of New York’s nightclub scene. It all looks promising—until Greg’s bizarre encounter with the prophetic Spiros forces him to reexamine his perception of reality. Propelled by a string of serendipitous events reminiscent of The Celestine Prophesy, the duo winds their way across the Middle East and India on an action-packed adventure that leads them to unfathomable depths of self-discovery, and an inescapable destiny upon their return . . . Read More >>



Diamonds, Death, and
Second Chances
Gregory John DiStefano

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Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 248
ISBN: 0-595-34292-2

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